Get rid of winter frost with a few simple tricks!

Our busy schedules and winter weather don’t usually mix well. Let’s face it, no one likes to clear snow from and de-ice their vehicle in bone-chilling weather when they’re in a rush.

With 75-some winters under its belt, Speedy Glass has a few tips to prevent frost and remove it safely, as well as a list of accessories to keep in your vehicle in case you need to de-ice it.


Tips for preventing frost on your vehicle:

  • Place a paperboard or an anti-frost windshield cover on your vehicle the day before precipitations or very cold temperatures. You’ll simply have to remove it before you leave.
  • When winter rears its head, apply a white vinegar (or 90° alcohol) and water solution to your windows using a cloth (one part water for three parts vinegar). Always keep a bottle of this solution and a cloth on hand to repeat the operation the day before extreme cold temperatures, on dry windows[1].

Don’t have any white vinegar? Rub your windows with a potato or an onion that has been cut in two! The protective coating left by these vegetables will protect your windows from frost[2].


Antifreeze windshield washer cold frost

  • To make winter windshield washer fluid and prevent your wipers from freezing, combine two-thirds demineralized water, one-third 90° alcohol and a drop of dish soap.

Why this combination? The alcohol protects your windows from the cold and makes them less sensitive to humidity, the demineralized water prevents lime/calcium deposits, and the dish soap cleans and leaves a protective coating on the windshield[3].

  • And what about the frost on your locks? Place a piece of adhesive tape on your locks the day before extreme cold temperatures, then simply remove the tape and unlock your doors. To prevent the locks from freezing, you can also spray a lubricant in them a few times during the winter.

Forgot to apply the white vinegar solution or put the protective paperboard on your vehicle when you got home the day before and now it’s covered with frost? Don’t worry, here are some alternatives!

Backup solutions if frost has already formed on your vehicle:

What should you do if your locks are frozen?

Opening car winter frosted lock

You insert your key but it doesn’t turn? Whatever you do, don’t force it! Breaking a key can be costly, especially if it’s a smart key.

If you don’t have a de-icer spray on hand, you can heat your key using a lighter or an alcohol-based hand cleanser[4].

What should you do if your windows are covered with frost?

Frosted windshield wipers winter cold

  • Spray your frozen windows with a water and salt solution (one part salt for one litre of water). A chemical reaction will cause the salt to melt the frost[5]. You will then have no trouble removing the rest of the frost. The same thing can be done using a water and 90° alcohol solution (one part 90° alcohol for two parts water)[6].
  • Spray your windows with a store-bought de-icer, which will make it easier to de-ice your vehicle.


  • Pour hot water onto your windshield!

Why? If hot water comes into contact with your windshield, it will cause a thermal shock and the windshield could crack.

If you think you’ll be short on time, it would be best to use one of the preventive techniques.

Furthermore, if temperatures are extremely cold, the water could freeze quickly, making you waste even more time than you thought.

  • Heat your windshield by sending all the warm air towards it.

Why? Laminated glass (which is what windshields are made of) cannot withstand the sudden change in temperature that occurs when the extremely cold outside air comes into contact with the vehicle’s warm inside air.

  • Start driving while your windshield or windows are still frozen. You’d be putting yourself at risk, because of the lack of visibility, just to save a few minutes.


In winter, and to win your battle against the frost, here’s what Lebeau suggests you keep in your vehicle:

In addition to always having an emergency kit in your vehicle to face extreme cold temperatures, you may also want to have the following:

  • A snow brush with scraper and/or a hand scraper
  • A container of antifreeze windshield washer fluid
  • A de-icer spray
  • An anti-frost windshield cover

Be prepared, be safe on the road!

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