Getting your vehicle ready to face the extreme cold

During extreme cold weather conditions, temperatures drop drastically and can go as low as -50 degrees.

The mercury then usually rises quickly, reaching just below the freezing point. These temperature variations can cause a number of damages to roads and vehicles.

With more than 75 something Canada winters under its belt, Speedy Glass is here to offer you tips and remind you to adapt your driving to the weather conditions so you can stay safe and face the extreme cold this winter.

Here are a few key elements to check on your vehicle before getting behind the wheel during extreme winter conditions:

The battery

It’s important to make sure that the car battery has enough power to start. Warning: The cables must be tight and not show any signs of rust.

 During extremely cold mornings, avoid useless overconsumption and remember that your vehicle should start in less than 10 seconds. It’s better to turn off the heating, the navigation system and the radio and concentrate all the power on the engine.

winter cold car equipment

The windshield

At present, some 44%* of Canadian drivers still fail to have their damaged windshield repaired regardless of how easy it is with so many insurance companies offering deductible-free repairs.

Do know know that if your car insurance covers auto glass damage, repairs are free?[1]

Don’t hesitate to meet with one of our experts who will help you check your insurance coverage and even file the claim for you.

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Don’t forget that with significant temperature variations during extreme cold conditions like we have in Quebec, windows are much more fragile; the smallest damage is more likely to turn into something worse, and a simple chip can quickly become a large crack.

In any case, it’s better to be safe and have your windshield repaired as soon as a damage occurs. A repair is fast, eco-friendly and long-lasting, and prevents a more costly replacement that would require you to pay the deductible charged by your insurance company.

What’s more, a damaged windshield can not only affect the driver’s visibility, but since it represents 30% of the vehicle’s structure, it’s also a major safety element.

A car driving on a snow-covered road


Removing snow from your vehicle to ensure proper front, side and back visibility is crucial during the winter. If you have a remote starter, warming up your engine a few minutes before taking off could greatly help you spend less time clearing the snow off of your windows.

Other good tips:

Use four-season windshield washer fluid (high-performing even when it’s -40°C) and make sure you have extra in case you need to use a lot.

For utmost performance, get winter wipers and make sure they are in good condition. Note that wiper blades have an average lifespan of about one year in the case of Quebec winters; manufacturers even recommend replacing them every six months to ensure optimal performance.

To verify whether your wipes are still good, simply check if they leave a greasy film or fail to wipe certain areas of your windshield, if they make noise or leave streaks, or if your visibility is reduced when it’s raining or snowing. During extremely cold weather, it’s also important to make sure the wipers aren’t frozen to the windshield before starting your vehicle.

To ensure maximum visibility despite the often blaring winter sun, which is even brighter during extreme cold temperatures, we recommend an Aquapel treatment.

Are you familiar with the Aquapel rain-repellent treatment?

This tried and tested treatment is very effective in case of rain. Its water-repellent properties cause water to bead and roll right of the windshield, thereby improving visibility.

The Aquapel treatment is very effective and has different advantages depending on the season, which is a huge plus due to our Canadian climate. (Click here to learn more).

It prevents the ice from adhering to the windows during the winter, making it much faster and easier to remove the snow from your windows.

Scratch his windschield frozen by the cold temperature of winter

Planning for the unpredictable

During the winter, and particularly during extreme cold temperatures, the roads are often very dangerous and unpredictable.

In order to be safe and plan for the unexpected, we strongly suggest you keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.

The kit should ideally contain a flashlight, flares, an instant flat tire repair (sealant), elastic straps, booster cables and a first aid kid.

A few extras: windshield washer fluid, a shovel, non-perishable food, a spare cell phone battery and USB cable, a thermal blanket and, of course, a good snow brush!


One last tip from Speedy Glass: Don’t forget to adapt your speed and driving based on the weather conditions.

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* Internal Lebeau Vitres d’autos data.
[1] Subject to insurance policy conditions. May vary from one province to another. Details in store.

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