Gander resident walks away uninjured from collision with moose

Safety first: A strong windshield contributes to support automobile structure in the event of an accident.

While driving down the Trans-Canada Highway, a Gander resident collided with a moose who unexpectedly tried to cross the road in front of his vehicle. Fortunately, the vehicle’s windshield sustained the impact and protected the driver from severe injuries.

In March 2015, almost a year prior to the accident, the driver’s windshield was replaced at his local Speedy Glass shop by technician Alphonse Power.


“I was going at a speed of 60 km/h in the midst of a snowstorm, and swerved to avoid the animal but could not move out of the moose’s trajectory fast enough to avoid it,” said Mr. Willis. “Thanks to Mr. Power’s skillful work, the moose never broke through the glass and into my vehicle’s cabin. My hope is that my story may serve as a safety education tool for drivers. Nobody should ever drive with a damaged windshield.”

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In Canada, over 30,000 cars collide with animals each year. Sadly, just last year, a Gander resident died in a moose-vehicle accident.

The province has the highest concentration of moose in the world and counts between 500 and 600 collisions with the animal annually.

Of that number, 5 to 10 serious injuries and an average of 1 human death are reported. According to the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation, cost estimates for resulting vehicle damage amount to more than $1 million annually in Newfoundland alone.


Upon returning to his local Speedy Glass shop to repair his broken windshield, Mr. Willis was assisted by technician Morris Price. “I was astounded when the client told me about his story.

His experience is a testament to the increasingly important role vehicle windshields play in ensuring the strength of the chassis during an impact such as the one he experienced.

Car owners are widely aware of how critical changing tires before winter is but ensuring a chip- and crack-free windshield is at least equally as important,” said Mr. Price.

Speedy Glass Windshield Replacement professional expert vehicle glass repair

Automobile manufacturers are building their cars increasingly lighter to reduce the automobile’s energy consumption.

As a result, the windshield accounts for up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength.


“I truly believe that the properly installed windshield contributed to the driver’s safety at the moment of impact,” said Alphonse Power. “This goes to show how essential it is for the safety of drivers that they delegate their windshield replacement needs to certified, experienced experts. Certified technicians such as ourselves have taken extensive mandatory training, respect the strictest industry standards and use the best available materials in the work we undertake.

Thankfully, our client did the right thing by having his windshield replaced last year. I’m glad he walked away from this accident uninjured.”

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