Spring cleaning should also include your car’s air filters!

While you would be hard pressed to find anyone lamenting the end of winter as springtime is finally upon us, the warmer temperatures at this time of year aren’t without their own challenges.

A stuffy nose and congestion are often part and parcel to many in the spring and summer long for those with mild to severe allergies. Once the snow melts, it doesn’t take long for the air we breathe to be filled with pollens and other forms of allergy magnets. 

One would think that the impact of these nose-clogging necessary evils of spring and summer would be eliminated once you’re in your car, but think again.

If your car’s air filters haven’t been changed of late, the chances are they are filled with exactly the kind allergens that are floating through the air.

Typically your cabin air filter should be changed every 25,000 to 30,000 km or according to your specific owner’s manual.

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That roughly equates to changing it every year and the spring is a great time to do it due to how hard heating systems work all winter long in Canada.

As far as purifying the air in your car, Speedy Glass offers a few do’s and don’ts that could be helpful:

1. Don’t waste your time with car air fresheners: Often chemical in nature, they only mask odours but don’t get to the root of cleaning or purifying the air in your vehicle.

2. Choose the right air filter: There is no shortage of air filters on the market. Narrowing down the best fit for your car can be tricky.

Let the specialists at Speedy Glass show you what’s available like the Fram Fresh Breeze model that include the deodorizing power of Arm and Hammer baking soda, on top of that installation is FREE! 

3. Change your filter often: Those with severe allergies should even consider changing their filter even more frequently than the required annual rate.

4. Earlier the better: Replace your air filters before spring comes. Be sure to check and replace both your engine air and cabin air filters before the pollen surge hits. A dirty cabin air filter will quickly become a health hazard once pollen counts reach extreme levels again.

When you consider the amount time spent in your car, it only makes sense to treat your automotive environment the same way you would your home.

It really is the responsible thing to do especially for those with young families who are breathing in that air each day.

Let the pros at Speedy Glass show you how to ensure you breathe freely whenever you are out on the road.

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